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Our escort model Sylvia is a student, young 21 years old, wears a streamlined Assembly of 36, is very cute and cuddly like a little pussycat. This slim girl is ideal for overnights as she is bubbly, enthusiastic and talkative and she can be a very refreshing experience – both in a youthful outfit as well as in a Lady look.Contact escort Silvia 004915221040240

Sylvia is a usually a very good choice for couples as she’s experienced in this sense and she has the patience, understanding and tact to deal with various couple situations while keeping the flame burning and relaxing everyone around her with a calm attitude. People say about her that she kisses wonderfully, she has a very intimate way of dealing with people from various backgrounds and that she can be an inspiration when she’s at her best.

Alter des Inserenten: 21

• Ort Berlin, berlin germany

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