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The range of activities includes in particular direct client-related activities, namely crisis intervention at self or others, as well as outpatient crisis accompaniment. Essentially, these include:
Assessment and, if necessary preparation and induction of protective measures after Nds. PsychKG
Assessment of the conditions and written suggestion of a statutory care
refuse care for people with chronic mental disorders and addiction disorders that are not capable of community and support measures by other complementary facilities
Prospecting, consulting and motivating people with chronic mental disorders and addictions to their residence, among others, action requests from patients, family members or institutions incl. Planning and introduction of social, medical and vocational rehabilitation process
Aftercare hospitalization
Monitoring, information and support to relatives of the mentally ill
Organization and implementation of the aid plan discussions and assessment of needs for integration assistance to SGB XII
Documentation of client-related activities (eg by participating in the annual report, to prevention work similar)
Participation in the development of quality standards, including through participation in weekly team meetings with case discussions

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